#1’s Nightmare

I was all set to post a blog about #1’s move into her house but I decided to do this one instead. 

It was only a week ago when our #1 moved into her adorable house with her two roommates.  She had to arrive early because she had to help her sorority prepare for Rush.  Usually, I hear from her every day but a few days had passed and I hadn’t heard from her — I wasn’t alarmed though because I knew how time consuming Rush can be.  We’d been getting sporadic texts telling us how tough her week was and how being a sorority girl is not easy.

So this AM the Mister and I received this e-mail from #1.  I write this verbatim.

#1 Sorority Girl

Good day

Sorry I haven’t contacted very often.  They take away our phones most of the day.

Started recruitment yesterday and it’s actually really fun.  Tell you deets (details) soon but having a good time.

Had a terrible dream that you two were getting divorced and I was so mad I keyed your cars.


my response:

Dear #1,

So glad you are having such a good time!  So strange that you had a nightmare about Dad and me last night because I actually had a dream about you.  I had a dream that you finished your degree in four years!

So I’ll make you a deal, I promise that your nightmare doesn’t happen if you can make my dream come true!


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