Movie Review by the Mister & Me

Mister:  Hey, what do you say we go to a movie?

Me:  Great idea, Mister!  There’s a new movie that’s out that I’m dying to see..

Mister: Me too!

Mister: So… should I order the tickets?

Me:  To the Meryl Streep movie?

Mister:  You’re kidding, right?  That’ll be the day that I would choose Meryl Streep over Jason Bourne …

Me:  Another Bourne movie?  We just went to one!!!

Mister:  Yeah, about 4 years ago…

Me:  Seems like yesterday.

Mister:  I took the day off, so I should pick the movie.

Me:  I took the day off too….

Mister:  Every day is your day off, you don’t have a job.

***Awkward Silence ***

Me: Do you think it is easy keeping up this supermodel trophy wife personna?  Do you think it’s easy  being your arm candy?  May I remind  you again, Mister, that Oprah says that stay-at-home Moms have the hardest and most important jobs in the world? 

Mister:  Great – how about you call your buddy Oprah and see if she wants to see the Meryl movie.

Movie Review
the Mister & Me
Me: C-

My review: 

For the first hour, I didn’t have a clue what was going on.  There was a lot of shooting, blood, pill popping, hiding under desks, sweat and snow.  For the next hour there was more sweat and blood and a motorcycle chase that lasted forever.  This movie should win an Oscar for being the loudest movie made in the past four years (the last being the previous Bourne movie).  Also, I think Matt Damon is cuter than the new guy. 

The End

the Mister: A+++++++

the Mister’s Review:
It was grrreeeat!! Can’t wait until the next one!
The End


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