My Favorite and Not-So-Favorite Summer Books

As far as I’m concerned, this book definitely lived up to the hype.  I thought it was very well written.  The ending was very unsettling though.  I saw Flynn interviewed on one of the talk shows and she stated it was a book depicting the “dark” side of marriage.  Boy, I’m glad I’m not married to her Mister!
Again, very well written and a surprise ending.  Never saw it coming.  It would make a great movie and I would cast Jeff Daniels in the lead role.  (Hey Hollywood… call me if you need any more casting suggestions).
I love Andy Cohen and his book did not disappoint.  When I read it, I could hear his voice – no ghost writing in this book.  My favorite part was reading his letters home from camp.  Anyone who loves Bravo as much as I do should pick it up for a light, fun read. 
Being the self-proclaimed Kennedyphile that I am, I bought this book as soon as it hit Amazon.  It did not disappoint – it was  a pure joy to read.  Mr. Hill did a great job helping the reader visualize the very glamorous times as well as the personalities of the people in the Kennedy administration.  He wrote about Mrs. Kennedy with such warmth and I was left wondering if he was secretly in love with her. After I finished the book, I felt like I knew Mrs. Kennedy.  ( Wish I looked like her and had her wardrobe)!

I tried like crazy to find a word to describe Rielle Hunter.  Let’s just say she is part narcissist/part whack-a-doodle.  I’m ashamed to say I did finish the book and felt relatively disgusted when it was done.  As far as I am concerned, she and John Edwards deserve each other! 


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