Sista’s Superb Succulents

My Sista lives in a beautiful historical home that was built in the 1800’s in Connecticut.  She shares her home with her wonderful hubby, two handsome sons, three dogs, one cat, 6 koi and an occasional bobcat that stops by to keep everyone in check.  Their property includes 10 acres of beautiful land which is referred to by the family as “the field”. This is where family and friends congregate on big, comfortable chairs under a pergola threaded with blooming vines. The standard fixture next to Sista’s chair is an ice bucket cradling a bottle of iced cold Chardonnay and her i-phone within reach.

This is Wylie…the newest rescue dog at Sista’s family homestead.  
Wylie and Max surveying the field in their (golf cart) chariot.   In my next life I’m coming back as my Sista’s family pet.
 “George Clooney” – yes, he came with that name.  Who wouldn’t adopt him with a name and face like that?

Sista’s family Homestead…
 Looks like Wylie’s after a squirrel.
Sista and Co. made this sign post with arrows pointed towards friends and 
family — Texas, Taipei, Turnhout, NYC, Fairfield, CT and County Cork.  Love it!
 I usually “touch base” with Sista everyday just around cocktail hour. Funny how that happens.  We  deciphered the hour by eastern standard time since it was an hour ahead of Texas.  We each grab a glass of chardonnay and discuss the day’s events – whether it be family, our 94-year-old playboy father, Real Housewives, Kelly Ripa’s co-host prospects, or that stupid annoying Twilight couple.
“Sista Central”

So anyway, just got off the phone with Sista and she was bragging telling me that she has the most gorgeous, succulent arrangement on one of her outside tables. Naturally, I egged her on as any older more mature Sista would do and I told her to send me pics and I would post them on my blog.  

So… eye drum roll please….


2 words:  I’m jealous.
3 words:  don’t tell her.   


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