Oh Kelly…Kelly…Kelly

Oh Kelly!
Say it ain’t so!!

You did not actually choose

Football Guy
(He’s so funny and you two had soo much chemistry!)

– and –
 Cute l’il Doogie
 You two were not only hilarious together but made great eye candy!
I can understand why you didn’t choose:
Kind of funny but awkward and should stick to concert halls.


 Ego  (and muscles) too big to fit in the TV studio.


Dumb as a box of rocks.

Wish these two were available…
Cutie Pie Andy
– or –

The Silver Fox
but rumor has it…
you chose
Mr. “All I talk about is Sports” Guy?
Really ???

Make my day Kelly


2 responses

  1. I love Kelly and can stand Mr. Sports. Would never have been able to stand it if she picked Lachey. Might have had to stop watching. Never appreciated the chemistry with Regis until he was gone!

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