Fancy Pantries

Have I shared with you that my Mister is a little OCD?  He cannot go into our pantry to get something without spending the next 20 minutes reorganizing it.  I’m not just being a picky housewife complaining… my friends even notice it.  Only they are envious because they are married to men like me…It’s not that I’m a slob, it’s just that I am not as persnickety about putting things back “where they belong”.  I like to keep all the things that I use front and center and eye level. 

Anywho, (as Sista says), this post is dedicated to the Mister who would love to have pantries (and a trophy wife) as organized as these…

Wow … this one is really nice.  Love the green plates and wired baskets.

I don’t know who the Smiths are but I’m pretty sure the Mister which ditch me in a matter of seconds if he could move into a house that had this pretty pantry.
Love the slide out drawers in the bottom. 
 Love the color of this one.  Also, that ladder would definitely come in handy considering I am height challenged. 
The thought that the Mister could have all his spices so neatly organized in the door would make him the happiest Mister in the ‘hood!
This is my kind of pantry because I am have a fetish for wicker. Love the cute little pig in the corner too!
 Talk about “a place for everything and everything in its place!”  This is my man’s Utopia!  I like the wine holder.

 Now this pantry would make both of us happy…I love the bookshelves and the Mister would love all those cute little cubicles and shelves that he could alphabetize and organize.
Have a great weekend!

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