Peplum & Pencils

My friend, Sally, spends her time being a stylist at Nordstrom when she’s not kicking you-know-what on the tennis court.

At lunch last week, I asked Sally what the hottest trends are for the Fall.  Without a moment of hesitation, Sally said “peplum tops and pencil skirts.” 

Again, I wasn’t sure what “peplum” was… I knew what a pencil skirt looked like and even wore one or two in my time.  For the benefit of my Sista and me, I googled it.  Okay, I had no choice… my two college girls were at school studying their brains out (hopefully).


[pep-luhm] Show IPA
noun, plural pep·lums, pep·la [-luh] Show IPA.


a short full flounce or an extension of a garment below the waist, covering the hips.

a short skirt attached to a bodice or jacket

So, without further adieu, I present peplum tops and pencil skirts. I did not choose any from Nordstrom because Sally said she might be able to have me visit her at work and take some photos. Maybe a “take your tennis buddy to work day.”  I can only hope!

Love the cut of this dress.

Not sure about the color combo… but what do I know?

Love the feminine touch of the bow. 

If I had that waistline, I would get this top in every color!

Casual and elegant.

Gorgeous color.
Love the polkadots!

My #2 would love this skirt!

Preppy and cute.

Banana Republic
Great for the office if I had a job.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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