Monogram Mania!

I have loved monograms since I was in high school.  They were very popular back then (just a few years ago) and now they are in style again.  Or it may have been I was just way ahead of my time!

My girls absolutely adore anything monogrammed.  So as I was surfing the Internet for Christmas gifts, I made some notes for you.

These are really cute stacked. 
 The girls and I have monogrammed phone covers and love them.  Sista was clearly jealous when she saw mine.  There are tons of different designs you can choose from. 
 #2 will be rushing in January so I will probably order some sorority accessories for Valentines Day.
Great hostess gift! 
Love this pillow – comes in lots of colors and styles.
Great appetizer and dessert plates. 
 No car should be without these! Almost too cute to put your feet on though.
Great housewarming gift. 

 One of the girls in #2’s school has this bedding. Very pretty. 

 All I need is some nice cold Benziger Chardonnay in one of these pretty glasses and I would be in heaven!
 I may order these for the girls; brushes have a tendency to disappear in our house!

Cute, reasonable gift for the girls’ friends or my tennis buddies. 
Love this one – you can design your own desk calender. 

Great to put party gifts or shower gifts.

Nan Lee 
My #2 wears hers everyday.  Thanks to Sista! 
Happy Hump Day! 


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