Down in the heart of McKinney Square, there is a beautiful store called Sharla’s.  The first time I walked in, it reminded me of a movie set in a Nora Ephron movie. It is so unique with the utmost of feminine touches.

This lovely lady sits at the door and meets and greets. 
 The chandeliers lend a romantic atmosphere to the beautiful merchandise.
Everything is so beautifully displayed on the shelves.  That is a sweet angel in front of the counter. 

Sharla’s specializes in skin care, cosmetics, fragrance, jewelry, hats, and beautiful lingerie.  The store is owned by (who else?) none other than Sharla, a beautiful, petite, bundle of energy.  I spent a most delightful morning with her.  

Beautiful Sharla modeling one of her new necklaces.
 The lingerie is positively exquisite…
Great shower present and the best part is… it’s on sale! 
Stunning scarf exclusive to Sharla’s. 
 Sharla has her own skin care line.  It must work because her skin is flawless.  I’m investing in bucket loads!
Great assortment of hats and unique readers.
Gorgeous candles with attached cards.  Great hostess gifts! 
Soooo pretty! 
Luscious cosmetic lines to dabble in.
Great make-up artists on hand (including Sharla).
Drawers of sumptuous soaps!
Great jewelry and hair accessories!!! 
The sweetest body creams and body powders galore.
If you want to smell delish.. this is the place to be!
Talk about taking soap-on-a-rope up 100 notches… these gorgeous necklaces and bracelets are exclusive to Sharla’s.
My favorite food and polish…butter! 
Sampler of perfumes by NYC
Sharla with her assistant/model extraordinaire showing off another beautiful scarf.
Thank you sweet Sharla for a great morning in your divine shop.  If you are in the area, stop into Sharla’s – it is a real treat! 
Have a wonderful Tuesday! 

One response

  1. This is dress up for ladies ~ how fun! If only I had a fun shop near me … it's probably best {credit card sake} that we don't 🙂


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