An Almost Perfect Saturday

My #1 came home last Saturday to spend some time with the Mister and me.  We were delighted and then she broke it to us that all of her friends went home for the weekend and she had no one to hang out with.  And here we were thinking she missed us!

We spent the day going to lunch and shopping for warmer clothes such as leggings and sweaters because she absolutely has “nothing to wear.”

That night, the Mister made the most delicious chicken vegetable soup while #1 worked on her “favorite things” for her old Mama’s blog.

This is one the centerpieces I did from all those pumpkins and gourds I bought at Calloways.
This needlepoint pillow was my “big buy” of the day.  Put this on for you, Sista… I know you’re jealous.
Between this delicious soup and my pumpkin latte candle burning , the house smelled so yummy!
My favorite mugs.  I have about a dozen of them would love to buy more but La Madeleine doesn’t carry them anymore.
My girl is multi-tasking every minute!
Working on her “favorite things.”
Gypsy wanted me to tell you that her favorite things both begin with “B” – bone and bed. 
It was almost a perfect Saturday night – if #2 was home… it would have been just perfect!
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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