Farmers Market


Last Saturday was a beautiful Autumn morning.  I decided to run drive down to our Farmer’s Market while the Mister was running his usual bazillion (?) miles.

Gorgeous flowers 

This one is for you – #1!!!

This gentleman was so nice and proud of his beautiful mushrooms.

This one’s for you #2.

Helloooo… Mary B Cakes…

Good bye Atkins … hello carbs.

Can’t just have bread without fresh preserves.

Doesn’t every Farmers Market have a tamale station?

For all you non-Texans … anyone know Austin’s slogan?  “Keep Austin Weird.”   It’s a great town and home of a great college … University of Texas.   Go Longhorns!

Love the labels.

Looks to me like the lady in the pink is slacking off…

 Still slacking off…
Helloooo best friend… forget the veggies… let’s talk “fruit of the vine.” 

This big ole cowboy was selling the sweetest smelling soaps.

I  met his wife at Trade Days.  Asked him where his “bee” hat was… he said she doesn’t share.

Who knew it was also “Spirit of Cowboy” Day?

Is it just me or was this guy in Bonanza?

What a way to end the day!  Made a new friend … hope I can fit him in the car and the Mister and Gypsy like him.
Hope you have a great Monday!


2 responses

  1. Thanks Katie for the tour of the farmers market.I have been sick with the flu this whole week and it was nice seeing the outdoors with you.You have a lovely family.
    Many Blessings

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