Jeepers creepers

Has anyone seen my peepers? 
This is a picture of all the readers that I could find in my bedroom.  No, not in the entire house, just my bedroom.  This does not include those secretly hiding in other rooms or the others tucked away in my car.  The Mister swears that they reproduce while we are sleeping just like the beanie babies and Barbie shoes did when the girls were little years ago.
It is not an addiction – it is a need because believe it or not – I can never find my glasses.  I will be running around asking the Mister where my glasses are and he will impatiently tell me that there is a pair on my head, another pair stuck in my shirt, and he spotted two pairs on the washing machine.
I usually buy my cheap reading glasses at Trade Days or Sam Moon.  The Mister keeps telling me to buy a “good” pair and throw the cheap ones out.  If I did that I would have to train Gypsy to be my seeing eye dog because I know those “good” glasses would spend more time being lost than on my face.
Anyway, I decided to do some research into what was on line for reading glasses sun glasses. 
Love these! 
 If nudniks are cool enough for Paul, they are cool enough for me!
These are called “topless.”  Might buy these just for the name.  

Love the temples on these.


These are called “bohemian.”  Would have to try them on before I decide.





I adore everything Kate makes.  


The Mister has these. Loves them! 

I would feel totally “Hollywood” in these. 


Tres chic. 

My #1 would be thrilled to see her cool Mom in aviators identical to hers..
 that’s reason enough for me…

Happy Wednesday!



4 responses

  1. Fun glasses! Your bedroom collection is quite impressive. My husband thinks I'm a little nuts for having at least one pair of glasses in every part of the house.

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