Misunderstood Mud Rooms

Before my girls left for college, my mudroom was the “dumping grounds” for everything from tennis rackets to ten day old homework assignments.  Now that they are away, I’m afraid I don’t do much better keeping it neat.  I put all my “must be returned” store merchandise, books that are going to Half Price Books, shoes, dog leashes, winter gloves, old scratched sunglasses, and other stuff that I don’t want to deal with at the moment that I am dealing with them.

I do long for a neat, orderly mudroom though.  It would make Mr. Persnickity  the Mister sooo happy!  It is the first thing that I look at when I enter the house from the garage.  So I decided to take a trip down Pinterest Lane for some inspiration.

Love the floor of this one and
 this one.

Lots of space and I could use that ladder in every room.

I wonder if this looks this good all the time or just for this picture. 

 Positively love the finish on this piece.
If this was my mudroom, I would never go into the rest of the house or  leave.  What a beautiful, relaxing space and I positively love the dutch door. 
 Great finish on this one.  So glad they didn’t forget doggies!
I’m guessing the handpainted sign on the wall reads “Back door guests are the best guests.”  Not in my house though.  My idea of the best guests are the ones who show up through the front door on Thursday afternoon 10 minutes after the cleaning lady leaves.
Two of my favorite things; toile and wicker.  
Either this family has lots of kids or the few that live here have a serious shoe fetish.
I would need the ladder from the other mudroom to water those plants.
Now this is the product of a very organized mother.  I am envious. Always wanted to be her… never got there. Maybe in the next lifetime….
Hope you’re having a great Saturday!

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