2 Museums & A Moth with #1

On Sunday, we met #1 for lunch and then visited two museums. Not because we are a family of culture, but because our beloved # 1 had two papers due on a couple of exhibits within 24 hours. We like to call her “Little Miss Time Management.” So in other words, our girl asked her old parents for brunch because she was hungry and she wanted us to buy the museum tickets.
The Mister chose a restaurant deep in the heart of the design district called the Meddlesome Moth.
  I knew I would like it just from the name!

The place was packed but they sat us right away because we had a reservation.  The food was great and service was excellent. Ambiance delightful – love the stained glass windows.
My family is tired of me taking pictures of their food so I decided to give you an idea of the menu.  Sorry it is kind of blurry. 
My girl did allow me one photo op though.
Off to the Museums we go….

Two museums, eighty dollars, lots of photos – all in about 35 minutes flat.  Before we knew it, our girl was kissing us good-bye, hopping into her car to get home to write her two papers that were due in twenty hours and counting.


Since the Mister and I had nothing but time we went and enjoyed this exhibit.  No pictures allowed though.
It was great!  But the best part was…
the gift shop!
What a way to end a day of culture!
Au revoir!
It’s Thursday!  Make it count today! 

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