I tried to think of a topic that would make an interesting post this time of year.  I have written a couple on Thanksgiving decor and table settings that will be posted next week, but I needed a few more ideas that would be applicable around the holidays.

Just as I was sitting down at my computer the Evening News came on detailing how many people are expected to travel within the next six weeks and that’s when the “aha moment” hit me.  Thank you, Brian Williams, I owe you one.

So I headed to the Internet and came up with these overnight bags for your perusal.


Always loved these bags. 
 Great looking bag; love the shoulder strap option. 

This is such a cute little preppy bag. May have to order it for my girls.  
This one is much prettier in real life and very durable. 
Stunning bags. 
 Very cute for the younger, rustic traveller.
Never knew Pottery Barn carried luggage but really like the looks of this bag.  If they throw in the gloves it’s SOLD! 
Whenever the family goes to the mall, the Mister heads straight for this store.  Cute bag. 
I stumbled across this website during my search.  Not only did I fall in love with the bags, but I also spent about a half hour on Dave’s great website.  It was almost like reading a small novel… I even shed a few tears for his dog, Blue.

“the beast”
 OK, just a couple of more words on these bags and website… they are from the great state of Texas!  Don’t tell the Mister, but I may  just have to order him a little something.

Very sophisticated. 

I bought one similar to this one for the Mister last Christmas and he loved it. The vintage look always steals my heart. 

 If it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham, it’s good enough for me!
Maybe the secret to looking skinny is carrying a huge bag?!
Hello Mister???  Merry Christmas to me!  I could lose 20 lbs. in a matter of seconds.
If your weekend includes travel, be safe and carry a really big bag.

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