thanksgiving tables – take 2

Back again!  There were so many incredibly beautiful images of Thanksgiving tables, I didn’t want you all to overdose on the beauty.   So, for your benefit and mine, I split it into two posts.
If you are taking a break from preparing a Thanksgiving feast, put your feet up and enjoy.
If you are already sick of your family who are trying to “help” you in the kitchen, grab a glass of vino, and find an empty room to take in this gorgeous eye candy.
Again, wish I could take an ounce of credit for these gorgeous pics, but unfortunately, I can’t.


There is something about white pumpkins that I just love.



What’s turkey day without a horn of plenty?

Great first impression of the home.

Love the rustic look of this one.

The contradiction of the elegant chandelier and the farmhouse table make a great statement.  Loving it!
 What a fabulous idea!!
Now we’re talkin’…
Great colors. 
 J’adore this container.  (I took 10 years of first-year French)

I wish these people would invite me! 

I don’t know what I love most about this photo.  Probably the goblets.

What about the feathers and the pumpkins?  I have to remember that for next year.

Pure deliciousness…

Stop by tomorrow…Sista is sending me pics of her gorgeous table.

Maxine said that, not me. 


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