Sweat-ah Weath-ah

I titled this post in Mist-ah speak.  I don’t know wheth-ah I ev-ah shared with you that I am married to a man who was born and raised in the Boston area, and as my in-laws say – they talk prop-ah.

Anywho, we Texans don’t have to wear winter coats very much.  Most of the time, we can get away with a heavy sweater, which I love.  I really hate trying to finagle getting in and out of a car with a big bulky coat on.  I’m not fat – my coat is.

Here are some sweaters that I am thinking of including on my Christmas list.

 Love the flattering cut of this one.
I actually own this one and I like it.  I would love it if I looked like her in it.


 Black and brown are my favorite color combinations in the winter.

Gorgeous cashmere 
The more area the sweater covers, the happier I am.

Looks nice and warm. 

 This is what I need today to cover the multitude of sins from yesterday.
#1 picked this one out for herself.
Don’t tell Sista, but this little number may just be all wrapped and on its way to Connecticut as we speak!
Hope y’all have a restful Friday. If you go shopping today, good luck and may you always be the first in line!

One response

  1. Love the last one, so jealous of your sister! 😉 I didn't realize she lived in CT. Hope you and your family enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving.


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