This movie was definitely not what I had anticipated. It is the dramatic and depressing story of an airline pilot who saves almost an entire flight-full of souls – all this following binge drinking overnight and recovering with a few Vodkas aboard the plane. He is forced to land a plane plagued by mechanical problems referred to as “an act of God.” The main character, pilot, and alcoholic is played by the brilliant Denzel [no last name necessary]. He wallows in his denial in order to justify his excessive drinking.
About 20 minutes into the movie, I wanted to change the name of the movie to “Fright.”  If you are a white-knuckled-flier such as moi, this may not be the movie for you.  I could have used  an oxygen mask and a pair of Depends during this very long, terrifying scene.
Denzel (I’m sure if he knew me, he would want me to call him by his given name) gave his usual incredible performance in this role.  So great in fact, that if I were to ever be on the same flight as Mr. Washington, I would feel much better knowing that, in the event of  mechanical difficulties, Captain Denzel could land the plane.
#2 and I agreed that Kelly Reilly, who plays Whip’s love interest, was the break-out star of this flick. 
John Goodman added a lot with some much-needed comic relief in the film.
All in all, Flight was a much more introspective movie than I had anticipated.  The recurrent theme in the movie is: there are no coincidences in life; everything that happens in life, whether good or bad, is a part of God’s plan. 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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