Wreath Surfin’

Due to the mild winters in Texas, and the afternoon sun exposure,  we have no choice but to use artificial wreaths on the outside of the house. The windows are dressed with classic authentic looking wreaths with gorgeous big, bright, red burlap bows exclusively designed by my #2 with our nifty bow dazzler in hand.
I prefer a different wreath for the front door that is a little more elegant.  So I have spent most of the afternoon surfing the Internet for the “perfect” Christmas wreath for our threshold.  Came up with a lot of different types, so since I was doing a little yuletide research, I decided to share them with you.  

Berry Breeze
Winter Grace



Square Boxwood
New Orleans Christmas Wreath
 Orchard Harvest

Home for the Holidays
Winter Garden
So as you can see, there is no lack of assortment of Christmas wreaths on line.  Then again, I could always make one.  “Or not” said the Mister. 
Forget the wreaths, I’m doing my nails.
Hope your Monday feels like a Friday.

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