Best Invention Ever Made!!!

I played tennis today with my usual sweet little Monday group of ladies.  We commiserated about our holidays and our weekends.  My friend, Leisa, said that she and her husband discovered a life-changing invention for the Christmas tree.  

It is called the Light Keeper Pro and it is very easy to use.  When a light or string of lights are out on the tree, you take one of the bulbs out and zap it with this cute little gun, re-attach it to the string of lights and before you know it, not a dim bulb on your sparkling tree!

The set includes a quick fix trigger, voltage detector, bulb and fuse tester, and three-way bulb detector.

I don’t know about you, but my Mister quickly turns into an absolute yuletide fruitcake when he starts screaming at adjusting the lights on the tree.  No Christmas Xanax for you this year, Mister, we’ve got the Light Keeper Pro!
Thanks, Leisa, for sharing your tip!  Who knew that a little trip to Home Depot could save my marriage!    
Happy Tuesday, y’all!

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