Coats of Many Colors

Although the temps are suppose to hit the 80’s today in Texas, I found myself on line shopping for another coat to add to my closet.  It does get pretty cold in January and February around here, so I need to be prepared.
I am always attracted to colorful coats.  It may have something to do with the fact my closet is full of nothing but black, brown and grey in the wintertime.  
My #2 got this coat in a fuchsia.  It looks great on her.


Here I am, back to grey again!  Still love the coat though. 

Love the cut and buttons. 
So cute! I tried this on in the store but they didn’t have my size (triple 0). 
I think this one is my favorite.  Love the cut and the color. 

 Very cute, but I think I might be a little too old to carry this off (but only by about 6 months though).
 Very pretty.  I would look great in this one if I were six inches an inch taller and twenty pounds a couple of pounds lighter.
Hope you’re staying cool if you’re in Texas and warm if you’re anywhere else.

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  1. It has been really warm here in Kentucky the last few days, so no coats. Today it is raining and the weather is cooling off. I love coats. They are especially great for wearing over jammies at walmart 🙂


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