Yuletide Windowboxes

When the Mister and I move into a new house there are two things that I absolutely must have:  dimmers on the inside and window boxes on the outside.  Now he may tell you differently.  He may say that there are a few more million things that are “must-haves” on the list.  Whatever…

So I went back to my beloved Pinterest in search of Christmas window boxes and came up with some very pretty ones.  

I just love everything about this picture.

 Gorgeous and healthy!
Bet this is in Nantucket. It could be Countess Lee Anne’s house.

Lovin’ the lights!
 Boxwood wreaths, tartan blankets, bright red poinsettias in window boxes.  I’m in love.
Love the blue.

So full and rich!  I’d have to start planting this one in September to have it look so full.

Shutters and fresh garland get me every time! 
One of my window boxes is copper and has withstood a couple of winters but the copper still looks good.  Love the holly berries. 
Love how the cabbage and pine cones highlight the pretty red wreath. 
So festive!  Love the colors. 
“Most Pinned” window box on Pinterest.  I can see why!
Happy Wednesday!


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