Most Wonderful Book Club!

I can’t help it, I have to brag. I am lucky enough to be a member of the best book club ever.  We have about 15 members, all mothers of children of various ages.  Very few Texans, most of the ladies have moved at least once or twice in the lifetime of their marriage.  Some are planning to make Texas their permanent home, others can’t wait to leave.

But in any case, it works.  We all get along famously and look out for one another when one of us hits a bump in the road. I feel very fortunate to have this group of ladies in my life.

One of my friends, Madhumita, is from India.  She is so fun and bubbly and we happen to share the same taste in books.  She entertains beautifully and is a great cook.  Madhumita invited our book club over to lunch because her parents were in town from India and her mother offered to make us a traditional Indian meal.  Naturally, we all jumped at the chance!

Here are some pictures that I took.  I just happened to have a camera in my purse and Madhumita was gracious enough to let me take some photos.  Sorry but the pictures do not do our fabulous luncheon justice because I brought my small camera.  Thought it would be too obvious if I walked in with my big camera and lenses.  

As I walked in, the house smelled positively delicious and it looked so festive.


Just love the artwork in the dining room.

Madhumita’s serving pieces and plates were so pretty!

Appetizers were so good.  I should know… I had 3! 
Madhumita’s Mom has a way of making cauliflower not taste like a vegetable that is good for you. 
 Best chicken ever – on the bone.  Just like I like it!
Madhumita and her beautiful, talented Mom.

Best book club ever with the welcomed addition of Madhumita’s parents.
Thank you again, sweet Madhumita, for a positively delightful afternoon.  The food was fabulous and your parents are absolutely darling.  
Happy Thursday, Y’all!
Hope you’re feeling as content as this little guy! 


5 responses

  1. Your book club looks like so much fun! 15 members, wow! I am in a very small book club (only 4), but we have the best time getting together every month. I have known two of the ladies since we were in high school, 30-some-odd years ago.

    I've never had Indian cuisine, but it looks delish. And your friend's home looks lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Now, I'm off to cruise around yours!!!

  2. Looks like fun….our book club fell apart, too many changes, new jobs, kid obligations,etc… now we are trying to start up another. I love reading just wish I had more time..your friend went all out, what fun!

  3. So what were your reading? I have been in a book club for 20 years. My group is always looking for recommendations.
    P.S. The food looked great. Another thing my book club looks forward to – great food and conversation. With a glass of wine added!

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