Hostess Gifts Under $30

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there; running aimlessly around the house in search of a hostess gift for a party that only started 40 minutes ago.
In an effort to save us all a little additional anxiety this holiday season, I have comprised a short list of some of my favorite hostess gifts – all under thirty bucks (no pun intended, Rudoph!).

Love these things.  Pretty tin too! 
 Nyakers Ginger Snaps
This is fun to give with a bottle of wine – or five.
You can never have enough of these on your bar.
 Rabbit Electric Cocktail Shaker
I have had these and you can take my word for it – I did not miss the gluten one bit!
Gluten-free Cupcake Mix


All you do is throw some popcorn in this jar and pop it into the microwave !
Microwave Popcorn Maker
Williams Sonoma


Christmas dip dish.
Festive – also great to use for a cookie exchange.  Tell the hostess the platter is hers as soon as you finish eating all your own cookies!
Christmas platter
I’ve given this as a gift and filled it with Christmas candy.
Ice Bucket
Pier 1
This is a beautiful book.  I absolutely love all of Ina’s books and her show.  Wish I lived in her gorgeous house.

This was written by a fellow blogger.  Great book.  
I’m thinking of writing a book as well called
 “Don’t Bug Me… I’m on Pinterest!”

I think Starbucks makes the best hot chocolate.  Cute packaging too!

Great spin on the Advent Calender.  Filled with chocolates and other sweet surprises.

 I love this invention.  You just place this corkcicle in the freezer and then it is ready to keep your opened bottle of wine chilled.  I bought a few of these last Christmas and gave them as gifts.  Everybody loved them.
 Thanks for reminding me, Dude! 
  Bed, Bath& Beyond

Along with the corkcicle, I include a bottle of my favorite wine.
Benziger Winery

If I am asked to bring an appetizer, I always bring my favorite easy go-to hors d’oeuvre.  It is a dip made with this raspberry salsa and four other ingredients (recipe on the jar).  I buy a pretty baking dish and leave it with the hostess as a gift.  It is a hit every time.
Thanks, Miss Martha for introducing me to it 10 years ago!

Robert Rothschild
Put on your party hats and have fun! 


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