Christmas Tablescapes – Take 2

More gorgeous tablescapes….such beauty at this majestic time of year.  My holiday guilty pleasure.
A table with presents always adds excitement to my the dining experience. 
Width definitely takes precedence over height when it comes to centerpieces on the table.
Great looking. 
Holiday eye candy.
I am a sucker for lover of any arrangement that contains  hydrangeas.
Bringing a little outdoors in on the festivities.
 I wonder if The Bachelor is sitting at this romantic table.
Winter white is so refreshing.


Take a gander at this darling pup’s lashes.  I’ve been using Latisse for two years and mine aren’t even close to as long as hers!


3 responses

  1. Stop believing in Santa? Are you kidding? I love the white table the best, although they are all beautiful. My table right now has two jigsaw puzzles going on it. That's the reality of Christmas table decor for me. 🙂


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