An Intro to Mag’s Musings

-Hello PEN Readers!

I am known to you as #2.  After a long business meeting with my new boss – my mom – I have decided to start a bit of a column on her blog to be known as Mag’s Musings. I aspire to major in English with a minor in Creative Writing so she generously offered me an outlet for my personal expression. The majority of my posts will be the random musings of a 19-year old; I apologize in advance.

Disclaimer:  I am highly opinionated.
Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy.

– #2


No. I will not start this poem with:
I’m a poet, and didn’t even know it. 
Nor will I enchant you with my big words. 
Salutations my poetry connoisseurs. 
I can only hope to appease your particular fancies. 

Roses may be red, violets are more of a purple hue. 
I write this both for me but particularly for you. 

Thank you, #2, for agreeing to contribute to my blog. I promise to split anything I make on this “labor of love” with you. (By the way… half of nuttin’ is still nuttin’).
Have a terrific Tuesday!

5 responses

  1. This will be a fun series. Random musings of a nineteen year old are always interesting – I have a soon to be 20 year old so the perspective from his point of view is always so different! xo

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