Santa Fe – Take 3

Regretfully, this is my last installment of my blog series detailing  my trip to  Sante Fe.  Hopefully, if I’m really good, KTG and Big Mac will invite me back in 2013 (not so sure about the Mister, though).  If you are new to my blog, here’s a little background on KTG and the first and second  posts recounting our delightful weekend in Sante Fe.

These are a few photos I took on our day of arrival.  I was so taken with all the color of the town.  There’s no one who loves color more than me.

This is part of the restaurant that we enjoyed a delicious lunch.  

Ho! Ho! Ho! Sante Fe style. 
The pottery is so beautiful and very reasonable.  Only problem is how to get it home.  For some reason, the Mister told me he absolutely was not going to hold that beautiful bird vase on his lap on the plane. He can be so unreasonable at times.     
The Artists Market is so much fun and is held every Saturday.  I don’t know what was more entertaining… the merchandise or the people watching. 
I had my eyes peeled for all the famous movie stars that live in Sante Fe such as Gene Hackman, and Ali (love means never having to say your sorry) McGraw.

 The only “star” I met was this guy who is a fixture at the Market every week.  He told me he could be in movies if he wanted to be.
I bought the set of three bangles for both of my girls and they loved them!  Or at least they told me they did…
Now I know these two are famous…. just can’t place them.  Captain and Tenille??? 
Love the way this lady gave me this big ol’ smile when she saw my camera.  Especially when I told her I was a photographer for Women’s Wear Daily.  Between you and me… she was an absolute Scrooge to all her customers! 
But she was selling yummy treats so the Mister told me to be nice to her.
Holiday decorating Sante Fe style. 
This was the Mister’s favorite spot.
That’s it for Sante Fe 2012.  One of the best weekends ever.  I highly recommend a visit if you have not been.  It is a great town filled with culture, history, and colorful, hospitable people, especially KTG and Big Mac.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. I'm sorry too that it's your last Santa Fe post for now. SF is one of my very favorite places. The shopping there is so interesting that even my husband will shop there:)

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