Islands Of My Dreams – Take 1

My island sits right in the middle of the kitchen.  The cabinetry is painted the same color as the rest of the kitchen.  My buddy/interior designer extraordinaire, Lori, suggested painting the island another color and using another natural stone counter top to create more interest. What the heck… the Mister and I could use a little more intrigue and fascination in our lives.  Who knew it could come from a kitchen counter?

So I started searching for inspiration and in the process, came across these photos of the most impressive islands in the most magnificent kitchens.      
Gorgeous, soothing space.
Southern Living
Love the chandeliers.
So warm. Love the pot rack.
RJK Construction
Looks like the kitchen of a professional chef.
RJK Construction
3 variations of paint on cabinetry.  Now I get what Lori is talking about when she talks about “interest.”

RJK Construction
So nice and bright.
I bet that island is this family’s command central. Love the ceiling.
RJK Construction
Wow!  I would have to hire the kitchen staff from Downton Abbey to cook for me in this grand space.

In my next life, I want to come back as one of these lucky doggies.

Hope tomorrow is your lucky day.  

6 responses

  1. I like the doggie room under the island! These are all so pretty Katie. Mine is white marble with a dark base (a two toned look).

    You will like the contrast! Have fun with the project.


  2. Gorgeous. One suggestion from my experience: don't let anyone talk you into a solid black granite countertop. They look beautiful in pictures, but not in real life. We got ours courtesy of the previous owner of our house, and I can never keep it looking good for more than one minute.

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