Great Food and Fun Shopping

A couple of weeks ago, I met my friend, Denise, for lunch.   She is a great lady that I met years ago and I will be doing some  interesting future posts centering around Denise and her fabulous career in horticulture.

Denise suggested a restaurant downtown in the square, Gather.  I had not been there since it had been taken over by new management and I was anxious to try it.

It was a gorgeous, warm sunny day in January in Texas.  It really felt like Spring was just minutes away.  I walked through the square and took in McKinney’s charming town square.

Gather is a restaurant that is known for its great food and eclectic atmosphere. It is owned by a mother and daughter team, Jennifer Klassen and Crystal Bryant.  It envelops a huge space and along with delectable food, it also houses a great designer named Marcie.  All the unusual artifacts of Marcie’s are spread throughout the restaurant and all the accessories are for sale. 

The reason for the empty room is that I went early morning to take the pictures.  They get a great crowd at lunchtime.

Gather also hosts special events in the evening.


If you’re in the market for some unique finds, Gather has got them.

Marcie is working over to the side.

I wanted to take a cat nap on that beautiful chaise after my delicious lunch of quinoa salad. 

Even the ladies room has its own style!

Great food and wonderful shopping with a good friend… who could ask for anything more!

Hope your Thursday is filled with peace, love, and harmony.

8 responses

  1. That is an amazing restaurant!! Considering we live in an area where eating out is practically a religion, I am surprised we don't have more unique fun places like that, love it! In my next life I will open one just like it:)

  2. It's been way too long – I need to head to McKinney for a visit! Considering I'm about 45 minutes away you'd think I would go more often doggone it! Gather looks like a wonderful please to eat and shop. Thanks for sharing.
    Jane B

  3. Such pretty planters out front! What a great little spot. The antique store looks like lots of fun and I'm sure the restaurant has a lovely menu. I like that kind of ambiance .. not too formal.

  4. Nothing is better than a little retail therapy and a great place to relax and dine with a friend. It's a real time out from the stress of daily life. I think I should make some time to do it soon.

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