Celebrity Kitchens

I love celebrities.  I get in the longest line in the grocery store so I can skim as many of those juicy gossip rags as I can before checking out.  I count the days until my People Magazine arrives in the Friday mail.  And if it is late and doesn’t come until Saturday, it throws off my whole weekend.  
I also love decorating magazines.  The Mister used to say when we first got married that I would spend more money on magazines than I did on food.  No Comment.
So here is my idea of a double header of a post.  My two favorite things wrapped up in one.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together. 

HGTV Front Door 2011
Andie McDowell
My favorite movie of hers is Four Weddings and a Funeral.

HGTV Front Door 2011
Brad Pitt
Where are all the Barbies and Legos?  Angie must have neatened up before the photographer got there.   
HGTV Front Door 2011
Bruce Willis
Wonder how much moonlighting Bruce does in this kitchen.
Architectural Digest
Carole King
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall… I am proud to say I know every word to her LP, Tapestry. 
Elle Decor
Courtney Cox
If you want your friends to come over, Courtney, you better get some comfortable chairs. 
Architectural Digest
Diane Keaton
One of my favorite actresses in the whole world.  Her kitchen is as bright as her talent.

Architectural Digest
Ellen and Portia
Looks like a fun island to dance around.

Architectural Digest
Gerard Butler
I would never have put this guy with this kitchen.

Architectural Digest
Hank Azaria
Did you know that he does about 6 characters’ voices in The Simpsons?  Who knew?

HGTV 2011
Jerry Seinfeld
This is Seinfeld’s home in Telluride.  Wonder if this is where Jessica tries out her recipes for all her cookbooks.

HGTV Front Door 2011
Katherine Hepburn 
Can’t you just imagine the divine Miss Hepburn sauntering around this kitchen in her home in Connecticut in a pair of trousers and a gorgeous silk blouse.

Elle Decor
Ralph Lauren
Cool kitchen but expected more color.

HGTV Front Door 2011
Sharon and Ozzie Osborne
Quite different from the luxurious kitchen in their reality show a few years ago. Not that I watched it or anything…

Architectural Digest
Will and Jada Smith
This kitchen doesn’t look big enough for all their over active high spirited kids.

Oops… gotta run.  Somebody wants to show me his “kitchen.” I’ve heard that one before…



Whip up some magic in the kitchen and have a delicious weekend!

5 responses

  1. Loved your post! Isn't Andie McDowell's kitchen in the house in Ashville, N.C. that she had on the market recently? We live in a log cabin not far from Blowing Rock, N.C. with a small kitchen, but grand views of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

  2. The white kitchen from the Front Door 2011 is to die for. I also love the Osbourne Kitchen I like the simplistic farm look and I recongnize the chandaliers from their old kitchen. I like the mix of the new house a bit more than the last.

    Thanks for visiting me and commenting! I really appriciate it!!!

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