Celebs + Bathrooms = Fat Tuesday

There are two things that Jack Bauer never does. Show mercy, and go to the bathroom. 

 Kiefer Sutherland quotes  

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I have put together a big fat post filled with celebrity bathrooms.  And in honor of Jack Bauer, let’s show him what he’s missing.  

Suzanne Sommers
Must be her fountain of youth.

Hillary Swank
Love the tub!

Courtney Cox
Very cool looking.  Bet Ross and the rest of her friends would like it.

Dick Clark
Evidently, he built a house modeled in the Flintstones genre and this was the bathroom.  Nice phallic symbol.

John Mayer

This must be where he discovered his body is a wonderland.   

Jenny Craig
Yo, Jenny… where’s the scale?  By the way, Jenny… Sista and I paid for that fireplace.

Kanye Kardashian
This won’t last long with Miss Kim.  That fish tank will be replaced with a mirror faster than you can say “time for another TV Wedding Reality Show.”

Kerri Russell
Pretty and feminine just like its owner.

Kirstie Alley
Wouldn’t have put such a feminine, antiquated room with her.

Hello Kitty!  This was taken a few years ago but this still doesn’t surprise me.

Meg Ryan
Great room; fairly good actress

Phil Mickelson
Wonder if he practices his golf swing in this contraption.

Ralph Lauren
Wow!  Just as cool as he is.

Anthony Edwards
ER paid for this one.

JCP and Matthew Broderick

I think Carrie Bradshaw’s bathroom was even bigger than this one!


Hope your day was as fun as a parade! 

5 responses

  1. Fun to see….Phils is quite garish, yuck! I do like Megs and Ralphs (of course), prefer the classics that never go out. Dick Clarks…hum, nice guy but think he was better at being an entertainment figure then designing bathrooms, but I did love him!

  2. Such a fun tour and perfect commentary:) What's “up” with DC's bathroom? ..and Mariah, Hello Kitty theme? I had to chuckle at your Meg Ryan comment. Haven't seen her much lately. Kristy Alley is far from girlie so I was surprised to see such fancy decor.

    Btw, I am having problems with blogger.com and my published posts aren't being seen by my readers. I'm on the fence about continuing because it's taking too much time and creating more hassle than I want to deal with right now. I'm trying to figure out what to do. Until then I MIA..


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