Ravishing Red Rooms

I love the color red.  Each room in my home has at least a splash of red.  Most of the rooms are draped in it.  So, in honor of Valentines Day week, I have scouted some of the prettiest red rooms on Pinterest.

Book cases plus red…makes my heart go aflutter.

Beautiful paintings highlighted by the gorgeous paneled walls.

1.bp.blogspot  Ann Getty
Love the pink and red.

Another gorgeous secretary.

I picked out new wallpaper for my guest bathrooms.  Three guesses what color.
 Love the sink.

Uploaded by User
Such a beautifully comfortable room.


Wow!  Red + blue and white = double threat

Martha Stewart
Who else?

Hydrangea Hill Cottage
Pure l-o-v-e!!!

Chinoiserie Chic
If I were a guest using this bathroom… I would never come out!

The Interior Archive
I would have nothing but sweet dreams in this beautiful bedroom!


Hope you are having a weekend surrounded by love!

4 responses

  1. I am so loving the red rooms.
    We used to have a red room in our condo but I have to say it was the wrong color red and it was in a bedroom that was too bright and therefore was not conducive to sleep. (it was the guest room). We have changed the wall color but there is still a splash of red in it.

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