Patina Green

Okay, so here goes another post filled with my ranting bragging about my current hometown… Welcome back to McKinney, Texas.
 When the weather is heavenly – which is most of the Spring and Fall, I spend a lot of time visiting our beloved town square. 
Another one of my favorite places to lunch and shop is Patina Green Home and Market.  I met my friend, Cindy, there last time and not only was it delicious, but it also continues to be utterly charming.  
Patina Green is a combination of vintage home accessories and food designed around a menu that is locally sourced and seasonally inspired.  In my book, the perfect double threat.

Great outdoor seating available when we have those perfect days in Spring and Fall.
I could spend hours in this gorgeous, fun place looking at all the unique home accessories.

I just love how everything is displayed.
Darling hostess gifts.
Even plain old rolling pins look adorable in this place!

Fresh pasta and lots of locally produced gourmet treats.

Patina Green serves a very creative assortment of sandwiches which are prepared either on a grill or panini style.  Chef Robert also offers a couple of sumptuous soups and fresh salad options.

Delicious dessert options.
The menu is simple and eclectic.  Chef Robert offers well balanced flavors that compliment each other beautifully.
The guest is served at the counter and encouraged to use one of these beautiful antique tole trays.

Hope your Tuesday is filled with fresh ideas and delicious food!

8 responses

  1. I cannot eat an egg anymore unless it is one of the fresh ones from PG
    and the BoB is my favortie thing to eat on Friday. I took Robert's cooking class and ate at one of the Market Dinners…..I LOVE this place and the people that make it so very special.

  2. You are so lucky to live in McKenny! My husband was born in McKenny (diddo his dad and grandfather)and I love it so much. Always stop into Patina Green, Gray Living, Ambrosia, and the garden and home shop selling consignments, and eat lunch at Sauce where I love their lunch menu.

    I would live in McKenny, but my husband is too smart to do that. One of Annie Sloan's chalk paint stockist's lives there and gives lessons. Her blog is

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