My Copper Crush

Last week, I was browsing my home away from home, Homegoods, when I stumbled across a couple of gorgeous pots very similar to the one pictured below.  It reminded me of how much I love the look of rich, shiny copper.  The Mister always reminds me of how “high maintenance” copper tends to be and how I usually don’t mix too well with that kind of thing; especially considering that the Mister uses the same phrase to describe me.  So, instead of investing the time and energy into copper – which I confess to have a major crush on – I decided to do a post on it.  It’s a lot less work that way.
I can almost smell the aroma of this rosemary chicken.  Reminds me of my bro-in-law’s Pièce de résistance.
You can never have too much copper.
Would love one of these.
Amoretti Bros.
Taste of Home
Great size, too.
Somebody in that house must be working pretty darn hard to keep those pots so sparkling.
Cute idea!
Wow!  Now this really looks high maintenance!
Two of my favorite things: succulents and copper.

Astleford Interiors

la-la-la bonne vie
If I got into this tub, the Mister would have to call the “jaws of life” to get me out!

I would have to drink a lot of espresso to keep all this gorgeous copper twinkling!

Does anyone out there own a lot of copper?  And is it really as high maintenance as the Mister says? There’s nothing I like better than to prove my man wrong!
Tips and tricks would be appreciated…


Hope y’all have a fabulous Friday!

In honor of Chloe.

5 responses

  1. I'm soooo on board with you! I think Copper is beutiful and elegant! I day dream of a pot rack full of copper pots! It is also very expensive! I just cant do it right now :-\. We can dream can't we? lol

  2. Love copper, just ordered this really neat piece for my kitchen, cannot wait to get it. I have a few copper pots and a huge oversized copper tea kettle from France that I am in love with so yes, I share your love for this, work and all. I don't own enough to speak to how much work it is to upkeep it but whatever work is involved to me is worth it.

    That last picture makes me smile…what absolutely beautiful animals!!

  3. Hi Katie, aren't you the cutest lady. Love your profile. Having a chef for a husband has to be a good thing. Love copper too. Now, I am off exploring the copper you have in your posts. Enjoy your week-end, Linda

  4. I have a copper collection. At first I kept it shining by using catsup on it – that's right catsup! Now I've decided I like the patina.

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