Green with Envy

Today, I casually mentioned to the Mister that I was going to title today’s blog “Shades of Green.”  Usually when I mention something about my blog to him, he politely nods and starts his own conversation totally off-topic, almost always about cars or watches, his two favorite subjects.  But today was different.  Instead of his polite nod, he suggested “Green with Envy.”  I told him that was a fabulous idea and it is so great that he took an interest in my blog.  He politely nodded and he then proceeded to recite the benefits of owning a Porsche Carrera. 
So here are some beautiful photos of rooms of green in honor of one of my favorite holidays, St. Paddy’s Day.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Architectual Digest

Architectural Digest

Mary Douglas Drysdale

desde my ventanna

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends!!

12 responses

  1. Some fabulous rooms. The green in the top 4 is so bold, but it really looks great with all of the antiques. I also love the bedroom with the black and white zebra pattern and rug. Fun Blog!

  2. Those really are beautiful rooms, Katie. Of course he thought of that title because he is GREEN WITH ENVY that he doesn't own a Porsche Carrera. lol xo Diana ps. They are ALL alike-

  3. I tried sending you an email, but for some reason it bounced back. We have so much in common (however, my youngest who bleeds green and gold, Texas style, would not be happy if I cheered for the horned frogs, bears rule in our household, LOL). However, my hubby loves to cook (hobby, not profession). So looking forward to getting to know you better as Texas is now our second home!!

  4. Stunning! I love green and am having a particular fascination with moss green, namely moss green velvet. Especially a specific Scalamandre moss green velvet, guess where I am going with this? If only my husband could understand such “fixations”! Happy St. Patricks day!

  5. Yep.. I get the polite nod too and then the conversation goes in a different direction.

    The hunter green velvet is gorgeous on a chair and I like the AD rooms at the top. The pale pink and green is stunning.

    Have fun today and thanks for sharing the sweet blessing:)


  6. Love the springlike freshness of the green- I think I'd welcome any of those rooms about now 🙂 I do have green in my living room and when we painted, I thought everyone would comment the most on the other colors, but no, green is what everyone comments on 🙂

  7. I just moved into a new house and have painted several rooms green. It really is a wonderful neutral to work with and brings in that English country look I am going for!

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