For Peeps Sake!

When I was trying to think of another topic for an Easter season post, I thought of many possible subjects.  Jelly beans, stuffed bunnies, real bunnies, Easter baskets, and Cadbury eggs all came to mind.  Nothing struck me as a fun post, though.  And then I was in CVS, my home away from home, and decided to cruise the Easter candy isle.  That’s when it hit me…. Peeps!!!
When I surfed my beloved Pinterest and googled “peeps” I could not believe the plethora of peeps pictures out there.  
I just had to share…

I need this car.  I can never find my car in the parking lot. This way, I won’t have to call the Mister at work to come and drive me around to find it.

buzz feed
Peep art, anyone?

For the peep lover who has everything…
Wow… now my peeps are chirpin’…
Peeps and buttons!

Who knew peeps were so versatile?


Recipe Newz

Love the l’il cotton tail!

busy mommy
Wow… it’s no wonder she’s busy!

Food on 5th
OMG!!! I am in peep heaven!

Tip Junkie
“Formal” peeps.

“Couldn’t possibly get any cuter” peeps.

As you can see, once I started peep shopping, I couldn’t stop peeping!

Hope your Tuesday is as sweet as a peep!

“Patient” peeps

“Scared out of his wits” peeps.

10 responses

  1. Cute, Katie! Love the peep at Peeps. I would be afraid someone would eat my dress off on that pink one…lol Katie, When I tried to reply to your email-it comes back as a failed email delivery. You might want to check and make sure your email addy is set up properly so we can reply to your comments. Thought you might want to know- xo Diana

  2. Hi Katie!

    I'll take a martini for sure and I could use the car cuz I never remember where I'm parked:) I'm still in the islands ..with limited computer access. Be home soon!


  3. Katie- I had to laugh- my oldest son always thought the saying “For Pete's sake,” was always “For Peep's sake.” Such cute and clever ideas- you have helped get me in the spirit of Easter for sure. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers- they truly keep me going 🙂 Happy Easter to you and yours!

  4. Bahahaha!!!! I so need that car. I am the person you see standing in the parking lot with a stupid look on her face.
    P.S. You definitely need to fix your email add on so we can respond to your comments. You are missing all my “hilarious” responses 🙂

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