Great Hostess Gift

I can always count on my dear friend, Jackie, to bring hands-down the most thoughtful and creative hostess gifts. 
She knows how much I love books so I always get a good read.

Recently, Jackie gave me the book pictured below, “36 Hours.”  The Mister and I have spent hours leafing through it and dog earring all of the weekend escapes that we aspire to take advantage of now that our little chickadees have flown the coop.  

Since 2002, The New York Times has offered a weekly column detailing “dream weekends with practical itineraries.” The contributors are experienced travelers with insider’s knowledge.  
The photos are eye-catching, beautiful, and properly portray the charm of the place to which they are enticing you to for your future adventure.
The book is comprised of adventures limited to a mere 36-hour format, nevertheless, it does not leave the envious traveler deprived, rather they are invigorated. The trip commences on late Friday afternoons, making the adventures more plausible, and therefore, more tempting.

It is truly an inspiring read… makes me want to jump in the car with the Mister and head off on our own adventure! You’ll hear about that soon…

Happy Tax Day!

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic book. I tried to reply to your sweet comment on our yard, but again it bounced back. It doesn't do it all the time so I am not sure what is happening. Yes, tree removal is quite expensive!!

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