The Loveliest Day!

I had the most delightful day today.  My #2 is home for Spring Break so we went to one of her favorite stores, Milk & Honey.  Following a successful shopping excursion, we had plans to meet the adorable Lilly from Pancakes and Beet Juice for lunch.

This was our first meeting, although we already knew a lot about each other, thanks to our blogging-world introduction.  Lilly’s alma mater just so happens to be the same as my two girls.

Although I am old enough to be Lilly’s mother much older sister, it was like a couple of old friends meeting for lunch. 
Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me, and for that, I am eternally grateful.  I have been fortunate enough to meet so many wonderful people, maybe not in person, but “virtually” within the blogosphere.

My #2 and my first new in-person blogger friend, Lilly!!!!

Happy Thursday, friends!

7 responses

  1. Such lovely ladies spending the day together! Hope you're enjoying your time with your daughter and soaking up some special time being one on one with her!


  2. Wow, what fun to meet a blogger friend in person! I hope you enjoy this time with your sweet girl. I have two in college myself (in VA too). So I know how fast the time goes that we have them home.

    xoxo Michelle.

  3. Of course I had to tell my mom alllll about our wonderful lunch together and how much fun we had! She is so happy that I found such a wonderful friend through blogging and would love to meet us at one of our future lunches! Thank you so much for having me!

  4. Oh, I hear this was a great day! I have heard about your two daughters and love the pictures of them. What a fun day for the three of you!

    Hope to meet you soon !
    Judy ( Lilly's Mom )

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