Oil & Vinegar

The Mister is not a shopper.  There are only a handful of stores that he gets really excited about.  Home Depot, Lowes, and Brookstone are a few of his favorites.  

Then, for Christmas, #1 gave her Dad a gift card to a fairly new shop in town.  
It was love at first taste.

His new favorite store, you ask?
Oil & Vinegar is located in the beautiful shopping section of Watters Creek in Allen, Texas.  It is owned by Cheryl and Marvin Kobza.                                 

For a little store, it packs a big punch.   
Oil & Vinegar carries over 50 oils and vinegars bottled and “on tap.”  It is also chock full of only the best of mustard sauces, salad dressings, olives, sun dried tomatoes, jars of all sorts of honey, fig spreads, dried herb mixes, spices, and pasta and sauce and plenty more. 

This lovely lady is Leslie.  She was kind enough to give me a tour and also filled me in on a few interesting facts about the store.  The store owns a shrink wrap machine and can make baskets at a moment’s notice.  They’ll even include items purchased at another store!  Also, they gift wrap and ship.
Who could ask for anything more?
This handsome man is Joey Alleto who is the resident Chef on staff.  Chef Joey took time to tell me that every oil is from a specific estate.  Also, the oils are pure – no blends like the ones you find in the grocery store.  Chef Joey also does cooking demonstrations on site.
This is the “Amphora Wall.”  These suspended glass containers encase 50 oils and vinegars on this beautiful back lit wall. 
When I first walked into the store, I was in awe of its beauty but also a little intimidated.  As many of you know, I could never be classified as a “foodie.”  But between the great signage and the warm, helpful staff, it is truly a most enjoyable learning and tasting experience.

This store was so much fun to photograph!
Every item in the store can be tasted. 
 The store provides these darling glass bottles for purchase so that the guest may fill them with their choice of their favorite oil or vinegar.  The best part is…. you can also bring the empty one back for a re-fill and will only be charged for the content. 

The Mister treated himself to a whole bunch of these cute little bottles to sample lots of  tempting flavors.
These stunning boxes are made of balsa wood and can be purchased to encase an oil or vinegar.  What a great hostess gift!  Makes a great statement.  Talk about one-stop shopping!

Delicious bottled oils are also available.  Chef Joey raves about the truffle products – which actually have truffle in them!
I could have used this sign when I was single.  I couldn’t make salad dressing to save my life!
I bought one of these little beauties –  not only for the delectable olive oil but also because it looks so pretty on my kitchen island!
Lots of great pasta and sauces are also included in the shop’s inventory.
Another great looking hostess gift!  When my friends read this post, I’m going to get so many invitations!!!
Can’t forget the jams either!
And last but not least… Oil and Vinegar houses the most beautiful ceramic pottery.  I put these bowls on my Mother’s Day wish list.

And as far as Father’s Day goes…
 I know what the Mister wants…. 
the whole store!

If you live in the area, stop in for a tasteful treat.  Not only is the merchandise the top of the line, the staff is warm and welcoming.  And if you are not lucky enough to live near this tasteful delight of a store, give them a call and they would be happy to ship to you.

Hope your day is filled with all the right spices!


11 responses

  1. Great pictures! What an exciting and unique store! I may give them a call and order some things…wonderful gift ideas for that hard to buy for person on my list. Great post!!

  2. I think I may need to plan a fieldtrip! 🙂 I could hours in such a great shop. Love the idea of the little bottles for samples.

    Have a great week ~

  3. I think I may need to plan a fieldtrip! 🙂 I could hours in such a great shop. Love the idea of the little bottles for samples.

    Have a great week ~

  4. It's amazing all the variations in oils isn't it?! Such a fun spot you've taken us to. I like the little containers for dipping.

    Happy Monday! xxleslie

  5. What a unique store- I love being introduced to ideas like this- so fun! I can always tell when the photos speak to me- I walk away hungry!

  6. I would go BONKERS in a shop like that…talk about getting inspired to cook!!! Fun shop. We have something that looks similar, love these types of shops, gets me inspired to eat (NOT that I ever need inspiration to do that)!

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