Post Mothers Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend.  We met Little Debbie and her Mister on Friday evening and enjoyed a wonderful dinner.
Saturday, I was in charge of the plan because it was “my”  weekend.  So to the Mister’s dismay, I chose bargain shopping.  Blog to come.  
Later #2 came home and the Mister made a delicious dinner.  She gave me a fabulous book that I have wanted since it came out.

with the inscription…

and my sweet #2 sent me these

with this darling card

So life was good in Clooneyville.

Sunday, #1, the Mister, and I headed off to Mass.  For some reason, when #1 walked through the doors, the statues began to shake.  I asked #1 if it had been awhile since she has crossed the threshold of a church.  She said – no, the statues were just happy to see her.  Then I noticed the crossed fingers behind her back.

We went out for lunch and then went to see this guy.

which I positively loved, but made me feel guilty about cheating on this guy.

In any case, I had a wonderful Mothers Day but it would have been perfect if #2 had been home nestled in our nest too.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. I was an orphan this week-end with the hub visiting his mom in Indiana, and our kids were far away. So, another orphan and I saw “Gatsby”. It's the first time I've seen 3-D since I was a little girl. Loved it, but it made me want to to see the Robert Redford version again. I love Leo, and to me, the money shot was at the end when they showed him full-on in the swimming suit right before (sniff, sniff) he was shot.

  2. Can't wait to see the Great Gatsby (and don't worry about cheating on Robert:) I've got the cookbook and I like the other one more.. I'm probably not in the norm here.. just say-in. Glad you had a great weekend Katie!


  3. I know how you feel! Robert Redford was a much better, more dignified Gatsby than Leo, in my opinion. But I loved the movie nonetheless.

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