Hot Topics Hump Day

Savanah’s engaged.

Hopefully, she’s marrying Matt because he’s going to need a Sugar Momma when he gets canned from The Today Show.  
It’s about time that the producers realize it wasn’t Anne’s fault after all.

24 is coming back during the summer for 12 episodes.

Jack…the man who has nine lives…. I knew you couldn’t stay away.  Glad you’re coming back to protect us.    

Baba Wawa is reti-a-wing at the tender age of 84.

Really, Baba, are you sure you’re not making this decision in haste?  I’m going to miss all of your name-dropping while “enjoying the view” and  condescending interviews.

Sarah Blakely, founder of Spanx has signed the Giving Pledge.  This pledge is a commitment by the world’s luckiest wealthiest individuals to donate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.

I feel that I have played a “big” role in financing this incredible act of charity. 
 Spanx has been my “second skin” since it was introduced in 2000.  Thanks, Sarah,  for your outstanding contribution to making this world a better place.  
But most of all, Sarah, thanks for making my tummy  flatter than Jen Aniston’s (in my mind).

Seth Meyers will take Jimmy Fallon’s place as the host of “Late Night.”

I am delighted.  I wanted Seth to take over for Regis a year ago and still think he’s funnier than Michael.  He’s not only talented – he is likable – which is a major asset in the late night time slots.  
I have been a Letterman fan for years, but now with these younger guys invading the territory… let’s just say that I’m beginning to acquire a “wandering eye.”
Don’t worry, Mister, you’re still safe.  This is just TV talk.

Two RHNY are demanding more $$$$.

Can you guess which two?  
Here’s a hint:  one of them is a royal pain in the derriere by marriage.  The other one has a big mouth and a fake leg.

OJ wants a new trial.

Why would he want to leave a joint that serves such great food?

Hope you only receive good news today!!!

7 responses

  1. Love this! Funny about Savannah being Matts sugar mama…I sure hope hes canned and soon, it is unforgivable the way he treated sweet Anne!
    OJ makes me skin crawl as do a few of the housewives, yet I cannot seem to stay away (total guilty pleasure)!
    Seth is hysterical, and I think Barbara is ready for pasture, she has more than had her 15 min of fame.
    Fun post..enjoy your day!

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