Bargain Shopping Part 2

At this point, Mother’s Day weekend was just getting better and better. After our morning of shopping at the warehouse sale, the Mister offered to take me out for a “nice” lunch.  Translation:  he wanted a nice, relaxing lunch that would hopefully last long enough  for us to no longer have enough time to continue our shopping adventures.

The Mister doesn’t realize that after 23 years of wedded bliss (?) I know him better than he knows himself.  I recognize a decoy mission when I see one. 
So we had a quick lunch and we were off to our  my new favorite outlet.

If you ever fly into Dallas-Love Field, this little gem of a store is literally just across the street.  I highly recommend arranging all of your flight plans around this place!
Map of Paris. Much prettier without the glare of the lights.
Lucky dog!

Although I fell in love with the bed, it was too small for my Gypsy-doodle. 
Gorgeous wrapping paper.  My favorite was the one adorned with elephants.

And speaking of elephants…

What house wouldn’t be complete without this darling treasure?
They even carry fabrics!

These were so pretty.
Even sweeter in real life! 

Bet my #1 would love this one… shot glass tic-tac-toe board.
Darling place setting.
Plenty of household must-haves!!

Fabulous accessories.
Tablecloths galore!
Love these pink chairs!!

A good time had by all me!  I’m counting the minutes until next Mothers Day when I am the boss again!!  

Hope y’all are catching all the great sales this weekend!

7 responses

  1. Wow so much to love..loove those sconces, the painted chests, the French settee dog bed…all of it gorgeous. Hope you came home with a “souvenir”. Thanks for the tour….and yes the wrapping paper is gorgeous too!

  2. So many goodies! Love those pink chairs ~ I'm sure my husband would have expressed how much we needed to have them in our home 😉 Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your day!


  3. I love the Wisteria Outlet! It has been too long since my last visit, you have inspired me to go back on a lunch break soon (maybe today!). I am glad you had such a great Mother's Day – you deserve it!

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