Connecticut Weekend – Part 3

Prize Day was held the day before graduation at nef #1’s school.  It was a lovely ceremony that highlighted the accomplishments of the graduates.  My nef earned the honor of Cum Laude, and just about every other honor within the particular subject areas. Not that I’m braggin’ or nuttin.’

It was warm but the sun was beginning to set.  
Headmaster remarks. yada yada yada

Proud family minus one.  Nef #2 was taking an exam at his school.

Every time nef received an honor he had to stand up.
Each time Nef stood up, Sista and I exchanged sly smiles knowing that those would be OUR genes responsible for the honors.

Nef is thinking how lucky he is that he hit the DNA gene jackpot.

Off we go with the trunk chock-full of awards.

Until tomorrow… the big day… graduation.

Hope your day is filled with kudos!!

6 responses

  1. Katie- You deserve to brag about that lad. He is one handsome kid AND smart. Tell him to slow down and little and wait for SweetCheeks to grow up, would ya? xo Diana

  2. Love it and of course your commentary makes me want more. What a handsome and accomplished young man, you should be so proud! Congrats to him. And he IS lucky to have your DNA both in beauty and brains:)

  3. What a handsome lad! I just got really emotional reading this post! You have such a wonderful family, I can see how much you all love each other and I love that!!! I am proud of him, too!!!!

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