Happy Anniversary Mister!

The Mister began our marriage with a double chin then gifted it to me in the later years.
Happy Anniversary, dear Mister,
I can’t believe it’s true…
That I’ve been married 23 years
To a handsome stud like you.

We began our journey in Connecticut,
Where we feathered our nest,
Before we knew it
#1 came along
And we were truly blessed.

Across the country…
California … we were on our way;
Before we knew it
#2 bounced into the world –
Another blessed day!

The following years were filled with inevitable moves;
Florida, Illinois, Houston and Dallas
We slowly but surely got into the groove.

You’re the Felix to my Oscar,
No question there! 
We drive each other crazy at times,
But we still make a pretty good pair.

What a ride it’s been…
that much is true
23 years later,
and I would still say “I do!” 

My girls made me pose like this.
The Mister looks suave and I look like an idiot.

Hope your day is filled with love!!

Her dress is cuter than mine.

14 responses

  1. Congratulations! Loved walking down memory lane with you and your beautiful family…love the last shot, are you kidding? You are striking your best supermodel pose and working it girl! Enjoy and hope you have many many many more years of wedded bliss!

  2. Hi Katie, Happy Anniversary! Ours is this week too:) You two make a great couple. Hope you have something fun planned to celebrate! xxleslie

  3. Well, I think you look beautiful in that pose. Happy day and Congrats on the anniversary. It looks like you are still happy after all these years. Blessings- xo Diana

  4. So not true, you look fabulous!!!
    Such a sweet message to the man of your life. Wishing you both many many more years of love and happiness.


  5. Happy, Happy Anniversary Katie!! Love the last photo and you look wonderful! Such a handsome/beautiful couple! So happy you found me again! Do I need to go to Auburn tomorrow to the yard sale?!!

    p.s. we only have two years on y'all… we'll be 25 next month!

  6. Happy anniversary to you – happy anniversary to you – what a beautiful couple and two wonderful girls. Congrats to you. And thank you for following me on your side bar. I followed you on google friends connect – and would appreciate it you would follow me on mine too – I would appreciate it and I am following you on BLoglovin! I am so close to 600 – thanks!!! sandie

  7. Are you kidding?! You certainly don't look like an idiot to me. You were a beautiful bride. And, you're rocking that cute orange (coral?) dress with that pose! You two make a lovely couple.

    Karen T.

  8. Take out the word idiot and replace it with pretty and young looking instead because that is how you look! Work it girl cause you still got it! Congrats on the anniversary. You make a lovely couple.

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