Happy Birthday to the Mister from #2

This is a note from my #2 to her father on his birthday today. She agreed to let me share it with you.

There are few moments that will live forever in my memory. As my dad’s birthday has been approaching, I began thinking about what moments that he would consider his “infinite moments” – the ones that will live on forever. And in the process, I found him filling my moments.

Remember when we use to go out on our weekly weekend morning dates?
After I would “rise and shine” to the “new sheriff in town,” we would get ready for our date. I’d don my work boots and Home Depot, vile orange, apron and we’d be off to the “dirty store.” After making enough bird houses to house the Amazonian bird population we would be off to breakfast. Either Golden Corral or Bill Smith’s were our old haunts, I still smell like grease and cigarettes. I will never forget how our Golden Corral visits would always end with my sneaking into the marked-off seating area and nabbing some ice cream, which no one was to know about.

Remember every single dance that you’ve picked out my dress for? That’s all of them. No one is more supportive, complimentary, enthusiastic and proud as you were – especially when they are possibly about to spend their retirement fund.

Remember all those mornings weeding the garden? Carrying 40 bags of mulch together? Bring your daughter to work day? Every moment we spend in the kitchen together?

Basically all I really have to say is this: regardless of how dry, cracked, and embarrassing your feet are, I’d go to the nail salon with you any day. That’s how much I love you.

Dad, I have never met anyone who genuinely cares so much for everyone. You have a sincere empathy for others and constantly willingly give of yourself. You have inspired me in your love, gratitude, humility, drive, optimism and passion. I admire you for being the person that allll these years have created.

11 responses

  1. Awww…such a sweet post. Had to crack up about the nail salon (my girls are begging their dad to go get a pedicure, LOL). And, I think most kids our girls ages have donned that bright orange apron on a Saturday (not so much for dad, but to give moms across America a couple hours peace on a Saturday morning).

  2. Katie-What a wonderful, wonderful tribute she wrote to her Dad. It sounds like she has a wonderful relationship with a great Dad. Tell her to enjoy every moment that she can with him. xo Diana

  3. You must still be celebrating! After coffee you're my “first look”.
    Really a sweet and keeper of your daughter and husband.

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