Happy Birthday, Dude

One of my best buddies, Dude, has a birthday on July 11th or as she has told me for hundreds of years… “a week to the day after July 4th.”  If you are wondering who Dude is you can catch up on  her many fabulous contributions to my blog here, here, here and even here.


You are soooo much older than me!

Ode to Dude

Happy birthday to my good buddy, Dude…
For as long as I have known you
I’ve never seen you in a bad mood!

We met at the mere age of ten
Camp Tegawitha was the name
White shirts and blue shorts…
We almost looked the same. 

Dude doing the Tega cheer.

You measured in at 5 foot 7;
Me – barely 5 foot 2
I was on team White
You – the dreaded team Blue.

Dude (L) casing the joint at camp; angelic moi; cabinmate Stephanie; and bratty little Sista

Before we knew it
We were together in high school.
Sacred Heart was its name.
We never gave a second thought to grades
Practical jokes were our game.

I’m the one with the hair ala “sun-in” and wearing the tablecloth…Rosie … way ahead of the trend in chevron… and Dude in bridesmaid blue.

Senior Prom pics

Dude’s yearbook pic…. don’t feel bad for her cuz she’s such a dog…

As the years went by
We chatted by the phone all the time.
Celebrity gossip was our topic
Our opinions we would chime.

Moi and Dude

OJ ran off in a Bronco,
Brad gave Jen the boot,
Martha went to jail,
Matt Lauer used to be cute.

Mr. Dude; Dude; Miss Ellie and Mr. Ed at the royal wedding of the Mister & moi.

Not sure when this was taken – looks like a couple of weeks ago.

So here we are 45 20 years later –
Our friendship has never been a test.
When I think about my friends,
You are one of my best!

16 responses

  1. Oh my heck- so funny! So clever too… and I could so insert myself and my friend K in there. Its pretty darn amazing to have a friend like that through all the years. Happy Birthday, Dude!

  2. What I noticed was you haven't grown…LOL, and in the Prom picture and the last one (twenty years ago wink, wink) you are still in a tablecloth and Dude in her blue, blazer that is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE YOU HAVE A GREAT FRIEND!

  3. Love…happy birthday to Dude! Gosh, I moved around so much as a kid…I couldn't even begin to tell you who I was friends with at the age of 10! Such a fun tribute.

  4. Wow she is one lucky lady to have you as a friend..this tribute was awesome! I can see you have a long wonderful history together, may your friendship continue to grow and you be able to continue making so many wonderful memories together!

  5. Katie- Love your dude cuz you love her and it shows in every word you wrote. I have one friend like that except we met in a laundromat right after high school. xo Diana

  6. Katie,
    Happy Birthday to your friend Dude! Best friends, old friends are the best! I've been BFs with one of my BFs since 7th grade. She and her husband have come to visit every fall for the last few years and the best part is they bring their own home and park it in my driveway! Can it get any easier then that!
    You're both lucky to have each other!

  7. Katie, it is so wonderful that you still have your bestest friend. I love her just hearing about her, and yes I'll try not to feel sorry for her for being such a dog. 🙂

  8. Hi, What an adorable post…. Your friend must be VERY special. Isn't it great to have 'old' friends in our lives? I just went to the funeral of one of my very best friends. We were both born in the summer of 1942 —and have been friends since Kindergarten… She suffered from MS—and even though she fought it for many years, it finally won the battle. BUT–she was the most positive person I ever knew. We even sang “Zip A Dee Doo Dah” at her funeral –if you can believe it… She was amazing!!!!! Hope you 'keep' and enjoy your friend for many many more years…


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