Lost… Antiques II

I took tons of pictures while visiting Lost… Antiques, so I split them into two posts.  If you missed the first part, you can find it here.
By the way, I got so many great ideas for what to do with the charcoal holder which I learned was a “scuttle,” (thanks Susie H.!) I am going back to buy it next week.  Also, a big thank-you to Legal Lioness for translating the french words on the poster for me.  I took four years of French – well, four years of French 1.  Obviously, I needed the help.  The only words I remember are “ferme le bouche” which translates to “shut your mouth” in English.  The reason for remembering those precious words is that my teacher, Madame D’Auriac, used to repeat them to me at least four times every class.  Then, one day she made a deal with me.  I could chitchat with mon amis as much as I wanted provided I did so en francais.  After that conversation, you could hear a pin drop in that classroom.  Not another word spoken from my bouche.

On with the post…  These are the last of my photos from my visit to Lost… Antiques.

I actually picked up a beautiful pearl bracelet during my visit. Shhhh… don’t tell the Mister!

I bet one of the real housewives would love this bedazzled leopard.

So many pretty things.

 I love anything sterling silver – when it is polished.  When my sista and I were younger, our dear, departed mother had us polish the silver if she felt we were pretending to be sick to take a day off from school.  I can still smell that awful aroma of the Weiman silver polish.  Maybe that’s why I have a whole cabinet full of unpolished silver in my butler’s pantry.  If the butler came with the pantry, I wouldn’t have that problem.

Love big hats… but I am too short to wear them.  When I try one on, I look like a mushroom.

These pillows are beautiful in real life.

Thought about picking up one of these leather jackets for the Mister.  They would go perfectly with his bow tie!!

hmmm… must be a lot of them because there were four volumes of this collection.

Can’t read the sign but I think it says No Sitting on Chairs.

Before and after of the same girl.  The painting was done before college.  Sculpture was done during college.

Boy, if this doesn’t look familiar…  Memories of Sister Mary Celestia…

For anyone (like me) that doesn’t know what this is, it is a book press.

Much cuter in real life… 3 dogs and a toad.

Love those cute little Nippers!


Wardrobe malfunction on aisle 5!!

Hope your Monday doesn’t feel like an uphill battle!

8 responses

  1. So funny.. the before and after college;).. those girls! Fun place with lots of interesting pieces. I'm sure the pearl bracelet is beautiful (and we won't mention anything to the Mister)


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