Cruisin’ Part 2

And so begins my second post in my three-part “Cruisin'” series.

We set sail on Sunday evening and arrived in Bermuda on Wednesday morning.  I don’t usually get seasick, but my #1 and I had trouble finding our sealegs on day two.  The water was pretty rough and it rained all day.
Thankfully, I got over it by the time cocktail hour arrived.  Hmmm… funny how that happens.

On Wednesday, we took a boat over to the shopping area in Hamilton.  There were some pretty shops but no great deals like St. Maarten.  The girls were disappointed but the Mister – and his wallet – was thrilled

This was taken on our way over to Hamilton, when we were naïve to the fact that the shopping is not quite as bountiful as we had anticipated.

We had the most delicious lunch in Barracuda Grill!
On Thursday, we took a bus to the beach.  It was a thirty minute ride and I think the driver was a stuntman in the movie Speed.
The beaches were beautiful but quite crowded in spots.

We would have “set up camp” over here, but it was too far to carry our chairs, umbrellas, and paparazzi decoys.

The only one that works on a tan in our family is our #1.
By the way… that’s not the Mister – I told you the beaches were crowded!

My sun bunny and my girl who will look 20 when she’s 40 because she wears SUNSCREEN!  Oooops, sorry – I’m subliminally lecturing #1 again.
Back to the boat after another harrowing bus ride!
Back to the ship…. home sweet home, well, kind of.

Hope your day is goes swimmingly!

6 responses

  1. Good job #2 for wearing the sunscreen. I am definitely living vicariously through you as I have extreme seasickness and would never dare to take a cruise. xo Laura

  2. Looks like fun. We were at Barracuda and my son and gf were just in Bermuda too…..they had such a great time. Love Eermuda. Smart about the sunscreen though I have to admit at 20 I thought I knew it all and was mighty naive- thankfully I have gotten a lot smarter!! Glad you enjoyed.

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