Cruisin’ 3

And so begins the final edition of my Cruisin’ trilogy… Did I hear some cheering out there…?  If you missed the first two posts, you can find them here and here.

I’ll make this simple, here are a few random pictures I took throughout the week. 

I just loved being on the water, except for the day that I was seasick.  I really miss being around the water in Texas.

The Mister’s smile is that much brighter knowing that not a lot of shopping was done on this trip!

This was our view every evening at dinner.

Catching up on their reading.  #1 read three books on the ship!  Who needs Facebook and Instagram anyway?!

We passed this sculpture every evening on our way to dinner. The girls named him Waldo.

The Mister reflecting on how darn lucky he is to be married to moi.

We spent 9 hours in the United lounge.  I could do a separate post just on all the people-watching in there!

Back to the world of technology!

It’s not easy being a jetsetter!

Hope your day is filled with smooth sailing!

7 responses

  1. What a wonderful trip. Beautiful family. Love the picture of you and the girls. And yes, my girls would have come up with some crazy name for the statue and would have been snapshotting if it wasn't so expensive to be on their phones!

  2. It looked wonderful – wish I was there with you all – lol – I am sure you would be thrilled! Loved the dog looking in the sunset – can I borrow that? Love, sandie

  3. Very cute…love that picture of you with the two girls…hope you have it framed! Beautiful family and looks like a fabulous trip minus the 9 hour wait in the airport, ugh!!
    Thanks for sharing all the fun.

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