21 Reasons

My dear friend KTG was sent this link by her #2.  The original post is on a website called BuzzFeed and  the author is Jessica Misener.  Below is a highlight.

For some reason, this reminded my girls of moi.  Hmmm….I don’t get it…

You can find the entire post here.

 Hope today brings you a few chuckles!


7 responses

  1. I see the guy at the end found it “wickedly funny” 🙂 That is sooo cute and absolutely I could see my mother saying…I swear I could make a reality show out of the things my mom thinks I can do….she thinks I am “magic” and a “tech guru” because I was able to send her a picture of a dress I was considering for a wedding while I was in the store…lol. Gotta love her and I do!

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